Finally, Julia Fairchild’s second mystery adventure will be released to the world on January 13, 2021!

Thanks go to my advance readers who have give me kind and positive reviews so far. Of course, anyone who wants to post a review on Amazon when REMBRANDT RIDES A BIKE is released has my heartfelt thanks. Did I mention that this book has a little romance and art heists and is set along the Rhine River?

My third mystery is well along its way. Julia finally gets to visit her dream city of Paris (first two visits got cancelled due to COVID) but can’t seem to stay out of interesting situations and finds herself in another “pickle.”

Audiobooks are all the rage, or so I “hear,” so my next challenge is learning how do this on my own. The first step (after getting the equipment—microphone, spatter screen, software) is to find a place in my house that I can use as a studio. Wish me luck!

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