Julia’s second adventure is ready to release to the world! Print book launch is set for January 13, 2021.

Thank you to my advance readers who have taken the time to read REMBRANDT RIDES A BIKE. I’ve heard several very nice comments about the book and hope my future readers will love it. Of course, if you wish to share your review with other readers, I’d love to have you post it on Amazon once it’s released on January 13.

Meanwhile, Julia is visiting Paris—it’s been on her bucket list for a while. Don’t be surprised if she finds herself in a “pickle” while she’s there. She seems to attract mystery—and men. I will be looking for Advance Readers for that book later this year. I’ll let you know when!

My newest challenge is learning how to do audible books. They’re all the rage right now, or so I “hear.” The first step is a matter of turning some place in my house into an audio studio. Wish me luck!

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