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Now available in paperback and Kindle e-book on

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“Pickled Pink in Paris” is alive and well! In this third Julia Fairchild mystery, Julia traipses off to Paris with her sister Carly to spend time with Josh, an attorney friend who has business in Paris.

Little does she know that she will be looking for a murderer after Josh’s business partner dies, and he becomes a suspect. Julia’s only clue is the word “mushroom.”


“Blind Fish Don’t Talk” is the debut novel which introduces my heroine, Dr. Julia Fairchild. She’s an inquisitive young physician who loves to travel. Her adventures are more than she expects, however, as she seems to fall into mysteries unexpectedly. 

Her second adventure “Rembrandt Rides a Bike” has her going on a dance tour with stops in several cities along the Rhine River and ending in Amsterdam. A series of art heists and a disappearing dancer seem to be isolated incidents. But are they?

And, yes, there will be a fourth “Julia” story. She’s busy solving mysteries in her hometown when a banker dies in “One Will Too Many.” Watch for it later in 2021.



Writing is as natural to me as swimming is to others. Ideas pop into my mind on a regular, but random, basis. I find myself jotting down little nuggets that might turn into scenes in a book down the road. All of my books have snippets of actual events in them, in addition to a bit of medical mystery that I can’t help but include.



I’m trying a new adventure in writing. Molly and Nolan Go Off to Middle School is a story for children who are entering middle school for the first time. I have a whole cadre of middle school-aged great-nieces and nephews who have gladly given me lots of advice for this book. I’ll try to do them justice. I found an illustrator as I can’t draw a lick.



Rembrandt Rides A Bike

Posted in Reedsy Discovery Newsletter #99, February 5, 2021

This fun and engaging thriller, part of a series by PJ Peterson, takes the reader in a tour through European cities, museums, and the world of tap dance and performance.

Dr. Julia Fairchild, her sister Carly and their hometown TAPestry dance group have joined a “dancing tour” of Europe, where their tour leaders plan to teach classes and have their guests perform. During the tour, in between challenging practices and recitals, the sisters have time to explore the cities on the tour and enjoy food and shopping and fun in Germany and Amsterdam. Julia has vowed to see one museum a day to look at famous paintings with her internist physician mind. We are treated to a virtual tour along with the group, as the author lets us see the stops through Julia’s eyes.

Things start to go awry with the first museum visit, when she and Carly get trapped in one of the rooms during an explained lock-down. It’s an art heist, occurring just at the time they were at the museum.

The police get involved, and the wheels start turning as Julia spots sinister tour guides, tourists, and more. It seems everywhere the group goes, the thefts follow them. Is someone on their tour a thief? Why do the same people appear at every stop? Who is that handsome journalist and why does he keep appearing? Is he following Julia, or is there some other sinister plot afoot?

The action speeds as fast as a dancer’s shoes as the group travels, with characters concealing identities and threats building up. When one of the group’s life is at stake, all of the pieces come flying together like a tap finale. A little romantic interest adds spice.

An exciting read, and one I couldn’t put down.  I felt exhausted after the whirlwind tour combined with hours of dance! Fortunately for the reader, we can watch from the sidelines as this story ties itself up in a very competent “heel scuff, toe touch, turn, hop, step!”

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