The Latest Julia Fairchild Book
"Played in Seattle"

An unidentified man clutching a scrap of paper

Julia Fairchild and her sister Carly stumble onto a near-dead John Doe while enjoying a week in Seattle. Despite Julia’s resolve to avoid playing detective while on vacation, she is drawn into a web of mysterious emails and modern-day subterfuge.

After she runs into an old friend from her college days, she becomes an unsuspecting pivotal player in an undercover investigation. Fueled by her innate curiosity and sense of integrity, she searches for the answers to her questions.

And learns more than she bargained for.

From reviewer Matt Pechey:

 “P.J. Peterson dazzles once more. A cozy mystery, perfect for a quick read, Peterson adds depth to her series with this addition that, as Julia Fairchild mentions throughout, ‘does not include a dead body’.  Quick chapters and a narrative that flows with ease, P.J. Peterson shows that her writing ought to be taken seriously, or at least enjoyed by many.”

The story of

PJ Peterson

PJ Peterson’s first dream was to grow up to be a doctor. She did that and practiced Internal medicine for 37 years.

Her second dream was to write and publish mysteries, starting with BLIND FISH DON’T TALK.

She’s now up to the FIFTH book, with the release of SILENT SLIPPER.

PJ’s passions, when she’s not writing, are health care and education. She donates time to the local free medical clinic as often as she can. She is proud to be one of the “three crazy ladies” who found a way to start a Catholic High School in Vancouver, Washington (with the help of several villages).  

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Blind Fish Don't Talk

Rembrandt Rides A Bike

PJ Peterson succeeds yet again with one of her novels, without needing a complex storyline to keep the reader enthused.

- Matt Pechey