Pickled Pink in Paris

A murderer is on the loose and the only clue is the word "mushroom," whispered into Julia's ear by the dying man.

When medical internist Julia Fairchild receives an invitation to Paris from her long-distance beau, Josh, she packs a bag, grabs her sister Carly, and jets off for the City of Light. But soon after they arrive, death and suspicion take the place of champagne and escargot. When Josh’s business partner dies in the hospital, the gendarmes are convinced Josh is behind it.

Naturally curious and driven to seek justice, Julia jumps at the chance to clear Josh’s name but he doesn’t seem interested in proving his innocence. Is he hiding something?

Will Julia uncover the true murderer and salvage what’s left of her Paris vacation, or is she next on the killer’s hit list?

If you love Louise Penny, Laura Child, and Sue Grafton, you’ll enjoy reading this whodunit mystery!


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