Starting with BLIND FISH DON’T TALK. PJ is now up to the fourth book in her Julia Fairchild Mystery series, with ONE WILL TOO MANY joining REMBRANDT RIDES A BIKE and PICKLED PINK IN PARIS.

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A wealthy banker with a long list of secrets dies.

The bizarre crime scene stumps the local police…
but a young doctor could be the key to solving the case.

Internist Julia Fairchild encounters banker Jay moments too late – the poor man is near death in his own dining room. At first no one can figure out what killed him, but the coroner soon confirms that it was homicide: Jay died of methanol poisoning, and now a murderer is on the loose.

Julia knows how to catch a killer and she can cut through the noise like a scalpel through skin. She agrees to help the understaffed police force solve the case, but each clue only complicates her investigation further. Can Julia dissect the deadly riddle and nail the perp, or will this be the first time a monster succeeds in giving her the slip?

If you love Louise Penny, Kelly Oliver, and PC James, you need this medical mystery! Find out why fans say, “I love the character Julia Fairchild!” 

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Blind Fish Don't Talk

Rembrandt Rides A Bike

Pickled Pink In Paris

One Will Too Many

Jinxed At Blackjack

PJ Peterson succeeds yet again with one of her novels, without needing a complex storyline to keep the reader enthused.

- Matt Pechey