Starting with BLIND FISH DON’T TALK. PJ is now up to the sixth book in her Julia Fairchild Mystery series, with PLAYED IN SEATTLE joining REMBRANDT RIDES A BIKE and PICKLED PINK IN PARIS.

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Julia Fairchild and her sister Carly stumble onto a near-dead John Doe while enjoying a week in Seattle. 

Despite Julia’s resolve to avoid playing detective while on vacation, she is drawn into a web of mysterious emails and modern-day subterfuge.

After she runs into an old friend from her college days, she becomes an unsuspecting pivotal player in an undercover investigation. Fueled by her innate curiosity and sense of integrity, she searches for the answers to her questions.

And learns more than she bargained for.

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Blind Fish Don't Talk

Rembrandt Rides A Bike

Pickled Pink In Paris

One Will Too Many


Silent Slipper

Jinxed At Blackjack

PJ Peterson succeeds yet again with one of her novels, without needing a complex storyline to keep the reader enthused.

- Matt Pechey