Rembrandt Rides a Bike

An Oktoberfest Dance Tour … What Could Go Wrong?

Internist Julia Fairchild, MD, and her sister Carly embark on the perfect vacation that combines their love of dance and travel. While the tour stops in several cities along the Rhine River, they find themselves tap-dancing their way through an international mystery.

A dancer is kidnapped. A security guard is murdered. Suspected of involvement when her face appears in security footage, Julia uses her doctor-detective skills to clear her name before she becomes the next victim.

Another whodunit-style mystery à la Agatha Christie or Sue Grafton.


Reedsy Discovery Review Snippet

"This fun and engaging thriller, part of a series by PJ Peterson, takes the reader in a tour through European cities, museums, and the world of tap dance and performance."

"An exciting read, and one I couldn’t put down."

- Review by Dorothyanne Brown, Read the Full Review on Reedsy Discovery

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